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Registered Mail and Normal Mail


What is Registered Mail?

All classes of letter post items may be accepted for registration provided the service is available to the country of destination. Registration service provides a means to ensure delivery of the article to the addressee, as the addressee has to acknowledge receipt of the registered article.

Why use Registered Mail?

This service is ideal for confidential or important items which require special handling, processing and accountability. Any postal item can be registered for delivery locally or internationally.



Registered Mail (addition $2)

Normal Mail

- safer

- they will register your address to the office

- as they registered your address, you will have a reference number. This reference number helps you to track back your item if it is lost.

- it deliverys stright to your door.

- Use Registered mail if you really treats those item as your treasure.


- normal mailing

- send to your mailbox

- if it is lost, no reference number to track back the item.

- address not registered to the offices.

- Singapore Post Office is quite reliable, therefore normal mail is actually quite safer.

- Use normal mail if you want to save on the postage.