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Name: Vanness Wo Jian Hao

Birth Date: 07 Aug 1978

Horoscope: Leo     

Language: Mandarin, English


Height: 1.8m

Weight: 72kg

Vital Statistic: 40 . 30 . 38

Blood Group: A


Character: Active, independent and quick learner      

Biggest Wish: Find time to look after his parents well

Hobbies: Collecting Japanese characters

Unforgettable Moment: His 19th Birthday

Expertise: Dancing, Singing       




Food - Japanese Food

Drink - Water

Body Part - Shape of Face and eyes

Sports - Body-building, running and basketball

Music - Nothing, likes all type

Artistes - Mel Gibson, Stefanie Symore

Musical Instruments - Likes them all

Country - USE (wish to go to Australia)

Pets - Cat, dog

Clothes - Anything that looks nice

Lifestyle - A life without worries


Dislikes: Dirty places and crowds


* Source : Teenage Dec 2001 Issue, Teens Annual and Nov 2001 Issue


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