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*All the VCDs sold before are playable on both VCD player and on your computer*



CD Name Price in SGD

CD 13: F4 on Ah Jin Show (2 Disc)

*Funny and Entertaining Conversation and Interview*


Disc 1:

- Jerry and Ken on Show

Disc 2:

- Vic and Vanness on Show


CD 12: Jerry Pictorial Book Behind the Scene

- The recording of him autographing for his fans, shooting of his pictorial book and f3 expressing their thoughts about his book. A MUST for Jerry fans!


CD 1 : Make A Wish

 Disc 1:

  • Recording Of Photo Taking Session of Vic

  • Recording Of Vic singing in his recording room

Disc 2:

  • Vic shooting his MTV - behind the scene

  • Recording of Vic shooting a magazines cover

  • The scene at Suntec City when Zaizai comes to Singapore for his Make A Wish Promotions


CD 2 : Make A Wish Tours

Disc 1:

  • Scene at the Autograph Session in Taiwan

  • Scene on Vic at a Taiwan CD Shop promotions

  • Make A Wish Album Xing Ming Bao Events

  • Jia Yi & Xin Zhu Autograph session

  • Malaysia Promotion Trip


Disc 2:

  • Make A Wish Yu Yuan Party

  • Make A Wish Press Conference


CD 3 : F4 2001 Christmas Party (2 Discs)

  • Zaizai, Jerry and Ken attended, playing games with fans.


CD 4 : F4 Trip to Hong Kong (2 Discs)

  • Every details and recording of their trip to Hong Kong, be it at their Hong Kong Press Conference or shaking hands session and etc, how they spend in their hotel room and etc, its all here.


CD 5 : F4 Secret Diary

Disc 1

  • Jerry Diary

  • Ken Diary

Disc 2:

  • Vanness Diary

  • Vic Diary


CD 6 : F4 Interview clips

  • Interview at VeryMuch.Com

  • 'Liu Xing Yu' Photo Taking session

  • Meteor Garden Press Conference

  • F4 Interview in Singapore for their first album, 'Liu Xing Yu'

  • F4 talks about Xiao S

  • F3 playing basketball

  • F4 and Shan Cai introducing Meteor Garden Soundtrack

  • F4 apologize for cancellation of Taiwan Autograph session


CD 7: Meteor Garden Exclusive behind the Scene

  • Behind the Scene of Meteor Garden that is not included in your original Meteor Garden VCD that is sold in the market


CD 8: Poor Prince Exclusive NG Scene (2Discs)

  • Poor Prince Behind the scene that is not included in your original Poor Prince VCD that is sold in the market


CD 9: Love Scar Exclusive NG Scene

  • Love Scar Behind the scene that is not included in your original Love Scar VCD that is sold in the market


CD 10: Come to My Place Exclusive NG Scene (2 Discs)

  • Come to My Place Behind the scene that is not included in your original Come to My Place VCD that is sold in the market


CD 11: Zaizai on Show

  • Zaizai on Xiao Yan Jie Show

  • Zaizai on Tao Zi Show

  • Past Zaizai interviews on Channel U (watch it all if you had miss any)

  • Zaizai on an entertainment show, with funny talking between Zaizai and the host

  • Zaizai at Li Wei's Show