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Video Clips For Downloading

Instructions for downloading:

1. Please go the specify site

2. You will see two blanks that need to be filled up:

          - first blank is to be filled by your username

          - second blank is to filled by the password

3. Refer to the information below, look at what files you wanted to download, and in the file is in which user name.

4. Use the user name and password for the file you want, login in to the website.

5. After which you will see a list of files that is inside the folder, click on the file to download it or right click, choose 'Save Target As'


Warming: Please don't change the passwords and account information  in the account, and not to be selfish to prevent others from getting the file. Thanks!


If you still have any doubts or problems downloading it, please email me at . I will help you, with your problems.


Those with a animated "new" word beside, are those that are newly added to the account.

n "Vanness" Folder

- Vanness Song, My Friend


Account: vannessf4tast

Password: 123456

n "F4 in LA + Adver" Folder

- 2 F4 Clips in LA

- F4 Shoes Advertisement

Account: f4fantastic

Password: 123456

In "Winamp Skins" Folder

- Winamp Skins of F4

- Winamp Skins of Zaizai

- Winamp Skins of Jerry

- Winamp Skins of Vanness


Account: f4fantastic

Password: 123456

In "Video Clips" Folder

- Jerry cried on Zhang Qing Fan Show Part 1 and 2

- Jerry Shooting his pictorial book Part 1 and 2

- Ken on a Show Guess

- Ken Handphone Advertisement

- Ken Calling to a show

- Zaizai interview on 30 April


Account: fanjerry2

Password: 123456

In "Video Clips" Folder

- Jerry and His Dinner

- Jerry in Australia

- Jerry injured his hand Part 1 and 2

- Jerry Interview on Tao Zi Show on 29/3 Part 1 and 2

- Jerry Preparing for His Activity Part 1 and 2


Account: fanjerry1

Password: 123456

In "Zaizai Video Clips" folder

- F4 Advertisement Shoot In HK

- F4 Interview during HK trip

- Zaizai in Hong Kong

- Ken Activity

- Vanness With his Idol

- Zaizai and his rumored girlfriend

- Zaizai in HK promotions events

- TVB report of Jerry Pictorial Book 1 and 2

- ASOS show: Funny! Recommended

- Jerry and His fans


Account: f4fan1

Password: 123456

In "Video Clips" folder

- Meteor Garden Liu Xing Xiao Yu

- Meteor Garden Press Conference

- Meteor Garden 2 Press Conference

- Meteor Garden Soundtrack Advertisements

- Meteor Garden Trailer

- Come to My Place Opening 1 and 2


Account: fantastic2

Password: fantastic

- F4 Winamp Skins

- Vic Winamp Skins

- Jerry Winamp Skins

- Meteor Garden Winamp Skins

- Meteor Garden midis

* Those in .mid are midis files, .zip are Winamp skins


Account: fantastic2

Password: fantastic

- F4 Siemens Advertisements

- Vic Milk Tea Advertisements

- Vic and Jerry Contact Lens Advertisements

- Jerry Telephone Advertisements

- Vic singing Qoo songs

- F4 Promotions and Vic Talks About Xiao S


Account: fantastic1

Password: fantastic


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